KidKare is replacing WebKids, Minute Menu Kids, Minute Menu Kids Pro, kids2go!

With only weeks left to complete the transition, it’s time to get switched from Webkids to Kidkare.

Call Your Field Representative or the 4C Food Program office to make this mandatory transition happen.

What is KidKare?
KidKare is replacing WebKids, Minute Menu Kids, Minute Menu Kids Pro, kids2go (all KIDS products). Since KidKare is just a website, it can be accessed from any device that has internet access. And yes, that includes Macs. Providers can use KidKare to enroll children, plan meals, record meals, submit claims – everything they need to do – right from their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

What is the deadline?
All providers must be switched over to KidKare by Oct. 1 2017. We will be updating KidKare for the new meal pattern change, but we will NOT be updating WebKids and the old KIDS products.

Is there a Cost for KidKare?
No. KidKare is free to all 4C CACFP Participants.

Do providers have to start KidKare at the beginning of the month?
No. Providers can start anytime throughout the month.

Does their information that they already entered transfer over to KidKare?
Yes it does! All children, meals, scheduled menus, etc. will be there waiting for them in KidKare.

Is there an app for KidKare?
No. KidKare is a website, which is actually way better than an app (no downloading, no updating). You just go to and login. However, you can save KidKare as a favorite or add it to the home screen of their phone which will make it LOOK just like an app, but no space is taken up on their phone since it’s not actually downloaded to their device.