What Is YoungStar?

YoungStar is a state-wide child care quality improvement initiative that focuses on providing technical assistance to child care programs to help them to reach their educational, environmental, business and professional goals. YoungStar provides early childhood trainings, on-site technical consultation, resources and micro grants that are individualized to help programs achieve their goals and assist in the professional development of family, group, school age and camp early childhood centers and teachers. 4C For Children is the local YoungStar office that delivers services for a six county area in Southeast Wisconsin, which includes offices in Milwaukee, Racine/Kenosha, Waukesha and West Bend. YoungStar provides individualized services to improve standards that are chosen by the program for improvement. All programs that participate in YoungStar are assigned a technical consultant who will assist and support the program in their pursuit of excellence. To find out more about YoungStar and speak to a staff member please call: 414-267-3434

For YoungStar contracts and more detailed information click here.

What Do The Stars Mean?

The State provides child care subsidies through Wisconsin Shares programs for low-income families. The YoungStar rating has a direct bearing on the amount of reimbursement a child care provider receives.

  • 5 Star Provider– Meets highest levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was increased by 25%.
  • 4 Star Provider– Meets elevated levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was increased by 10%.
  • 3 Star Provider– Meets proficient levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement remained the same.
  • 2 Star Provider– Meets health and safety standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was reduced by 5%.
  • 1 Star Provider– Not eligible for Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement. These providers’ child care licenses or certifications have been revoked, denied or suspended, or their Wisconsin Shares payments have been ended due to fraud or suspected fraud.

Take a look at these PDF documents produced by the State of Wisconsin.