Finding the Best Child Care

Looking for quality child care when you need to go to work, school or other commitments can be a difficult and exhausting task. Your child’s happiness and safety ultimately resides in your decision when choosing a quality child care program to meet their needs. At 4C-ForChildren it is our goal to help you make a wise and informed decision when choosing a child care program. We are here to help you with all your child care questions and concerns. By calling 4C you may be able to receive a detailed child care profile on some of the child care programs in your area. The profile will include but not be limited to the following information: ages served, total capacity, type of care, days of week care is available, rates, additional fees, environment of child care programs, education and training of child care provider, meals offered and financial assistance. We wish you the very best of luck in your child care search and encourage you to call 4C whenever you need help.

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What Is YoungStar?

YoungStar is the Quality Improvement system from the State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. YoungStar provides a baseline rating system for child care providers. The system rates child care providers on a 1 to 5 star system. The goal of YoungStar is to reward high quality child care centers in the state. For Parents – the system offers a way of reviewing child care providers with a quick and simple star rating.

What Do The Stars Mean?

The State provides child care subsidies through Wisconsin Shares programs for low-income families. The YoungStar rating has a direct bearing on the amount of reimbursement a child care provider receives.

  • 5 Star Provider– Meets highest levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was increased by 25%.
  • 4 Star Provider– Meets elevated levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was increased by 10%.
  • 3 Star Provider– Meets proficient levels of quality standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement remained the same.
  • 2 Star Provider– Meets health and safety standards. Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement was reduced by 5%.
  • 1 Star Provider– Not eligible for Wisconsin Shares subsidy reimbursement. These providers’ child care licenses or certifications have been revoked, denied or suspended, or their Wisconsin Shares payments have been ended due to fraud or suspected fraud.

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Take a look at these PDF documents produced by the State of Wisconsin.

4C-For Children Partners

4C for Children has a lot of experience and expertise in the Child Care industry. We know that in order to accomplish great things, we need to work together, combining our strengths with other agencies and partners in our community. Here are just some of the collaborations we rely on: